About us

About Harmony Veterinary Care

Where loving compassion meets high-quality care.

At Harmony Veterinary Care, we strive to bring the bond between the patient, owner, and veterinarian closer together. With a focus on compassionate care and the highest quality of medicine, great things happen!

What Sets Us Apart

Unlike many veterinary clinics, we keep our clients as involved as possible during their appointment with the doctor. In many cases, we do blood draws and other treatments in the room to minimize the patient's (and the owner's!) stress level. Don't be surprised if your technician or doctor sits on the floor with your pet and gives them extra love while taking vitals or discussing treatment options.

In addition to the caring environment, we also offer alternative treatment options such as eastern and western herbs, aromatherapy, and vaccine titers. We use 1/2 mL vaccines rather than full 1mL vaccines and we use the highest quality of anesthesia during procedures which allow patients to recover more peacefully than the standard anesthesia used at most clinics.

The Clinic

Our clinic atmosphere offers you and your pet the relaxation that is needed during what can be a very stressful time for you and your pet who may be sick. As you walk into our lobby, you will be greeted by one of our wonderful team members who will be there to assist you. While you wait, enjoy the relaxing music that plays throughout the waiting room, grab a cup of coffee, or take a moment to look closely at our walls filled with pictures—you may recognize the pictures are all portraits of our patients!

Our six exam rooms are all quite spacious and equipped with all the necessary medical equipment, but also have comfy couches or chairs, plants and decor throughout, windows that provide natural light, and one room even has a small fireplace. We want our home to feel like your home. We also have a beautiful, fully fenced courtyard with a perfect grassy area, outdoor seating, raised flower beds, and a water fountain—all surrounded by lush trees thanks to Butte Creek which runs just behind the courtyard. It is a very private area away from all the hustle and bustle. We typically use this area for patients who may be stressed visiting the vet and do better in an open environment. Other times, our clients who are saying goodbye to their loved one needing to cross over to the rainbow bridge are able to utilize this calming space.

Our goal is that you feel at home and at peace during your visit—whether you’re here for a wellness visit, an emergency, or to say your final goodbye to a lifelong friend.

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