Advanced Acupuncture Methods

In some more complicated cases, Dr. Delia Macdonald may elect to use advanced acupuncture practices and tools to enhance the effects of stimulated acupoints or, in some cases, replace acupuncture techniques if your pet is less inclined to accept dry needle insertion.


Acupressure is useful for hard to reach locations, behaviorally challenged pets, and for circumstances when needle treatment is not available. By administering pressure to acupoints, Dr. Macdonald can often create an effect comparable to needle insertion. Clients may recognize some of these techniques used from personal experience or knowledge of Osteopathic Medicine and Chiropractic modalities. In some cases, relief is immediately and visibly noticeable to the animal.


To stimulate acupoints for a longer duration, Dr. Macdonald may inject liquids such as homeopathics, diluted vitamin B12, chondroprotectant medications (Polysulfated Glycosaminoglycans = PSGAG), etc. This practice is referred to as Aquapuncture and combines the immediate relief of acupuncture with the longer-term absorption of the medication and its chemical impact on the body.


Heat can often be very beneficial to older pets and those suffering from conditions involving joint stiffness and muscular pain. The application of a heated Chinese herbal compound to needles or directly above areas of stagnation/inflammation is called Moxibustion. The combination of neuro-muscular stimulation via acupuncture needle and the soothing effect of heat on muscles and joints, serves as powerful pain relief.

Electrosimulation (E-stim)

E-Stim is used to push an electrical current into the body between needle insertions into acupoints. E-stim relaxes spasming muscles and can aid the body in reestablishing nervous impulses when nerve damage has occurred (nerve root or spinal cord damage from a ruptured inverterbral disc, etc).


Laser energy can be used to stimulate acupoints. Lasers are cool and don’t generate enough significant heat to burn hair or skin. Dr. Macdonald may also use lasers to perform “needle-less” acupuncture treatments, especially on patients that don’t readily tolerate needle insertion. They can also be used as a post-needling add-on to enhance the effects of the chosen points. Harmony Holistic Veterinary Care carries and uses the latest in cold laser technology and equipment.

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