5 Differences Between Traditional and Holistic Veterinary Treatments

Being a responsible pet owner means ensuring your furry friend is happy and healthy. Apart from ensuring your pet is well-fed and getting regular exercise, you should provide proper health care. 

Regular visits to the vet helps ensure that your pet is free from illnesses. Many pet parents are looking for natural ways to treat their pets. This has led to the popularity of holistic treatments.


Total Body Health 

Traditional care targets a specific organ or body part, while holistic treatment cares for the entire body. While symptoms may manifest in one organ, the vet will examine the pet’s health during holistic therapy. It helps treat the issue while bringing balance to the body and strengthening the immune system. Conventional therapy can help in emergencies, but holistic care helps ensure long-term wellness. 


Noninvasive Techniques

Traditional treatments often rely on medications or surgery. Holistic treatments turn to conventional options as a last resort. They choose gentle, less invasive treatment approaches when dealing with health issues. 

The vets try to protect pets from the side effects of drugs and surgical procedures. They use natural substances and treatment techniques while providing preventative care. 


Diverse Therapy Options

Traditional treatment is usually narrow, involving the use of drugs or, in severe cases, surgery. Holistic veterinary treatment uses diverse alternative healing modalities to treat the whole animal. The modalities include: 


  • Homeopathic medicines

  • Herbal supplements

  • Acupuncture

  • Chiropractic therapy

  • Nutrient therapy

  • Red light therapy and aromatherapy

Holistic vets often use a combination of therapies and treatments. 


Nutrition and Good Health 

As with humans, ingredients in pet foods trigger health conditions that affect pets. Processed foods contain:


  • Corn

  • Soy

  • Grains

These can lead to health problems and inflammation. Traditional treatment focuses on conventional options to treat illnesses. Holistic care recognizes the importance of nutrition for good health. The vets use diet to treat a wide range of health conditions. Often, they recommend raw food diets or natural, high-quality canned food.


Less Frequent Vaccinations 

Vaccinations are vital in pet healthcare as they protect against illnesses and infections. They provide preventative care and are usually administered in several doses annually. Unfortunately, there have been cases of over-vaccination in traditional care. 

This can result in adverse effects. Holistic vet care recommends less frequent vaccinations while still protecting the animal. Some vets recommend vaccination schedules that are different in several ways.

When making an appointment, you should know that traditional and holistic therapies have a place in your pet’s life. Most holistic veterinarians use conventional and alternative treatments on your pet. These treat different pet ailments and target various aspects of pet health. They administer vaccinations only if the pet is at risk or when necessary. Talk to the vet about alternative treatment options if you choose holistic treatment for your pet. 

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