Cancer & Endocrine Disease

Sometimes referred to as “The Emperor of All Maladies,” cancer is something that almost all of us in modern society have had touch their lives in some way. The medical term for cancer is “neoplasia.” Neo, meaning “new” and plasia, meaning “growth.” Cancer is simply cell transcription gone awry. It can arise in any tissue type. This would be considered the “primary” or first cancer. When (or if) the disease spreads to other parts of the body, is how we classify the aggressiveness of the disease.

Unfortunately, due to MANY contributing factors, cancer appears to be on the rise in our pet friends. Diet, over-vaccination, early spay/neuter protocols, breeding practices and genetics are a few of the top contributors to the rise of cancer. However, many other factors appear to be at play. The body has a whole host of fighter cells whose job it is to find and destroy “neoplastic” cells.
Here at Harmony we harness the power of these fighting cells, develop a personalized Chinese Herb and dietary protocol to help support the body and work closely with your conventional veterinarian to provide the optimal integrative care for your pet.

​​​​​​​Whatever your goal we will come up with a plan to support you and your pet as you navigate this challenging disease.

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