Neurological Conditions

Unfortunately due to many contributing factors such as age, breed, weight and activity level we see many traumatic neurologic conditions. Long-backed dogs, such as Dachshunds are particularly prone to “intervertebral disc disease” or IVDD. Vertebral disc hardening (known as “calcification”) can lead to pressure or protrusion on the spinal cord which, in turn can cause pain, incoordination and too often, paralysis. Traditional medicine offers few treatments for this condition aside from surgery at a specialty veterinary center. With quick intervention through electro-acupuncture we have an astounding success rate at getting rapid healing of nerves and management of this often fatal condition. PLEASE contact us ASAP if your pet has been diagnosed with a “neurologic disorder of the spine.” We will see your pet on an emergency basis. The sooner we can get this animal into treatment the less likely the paralysis will be permanent. We work in close partnership with the Prescott Area Pet Emergency Hospital to treat these patients in a timely fashion.

FCE or “fibrocartilaginous embolism” is another emergency condition that presents with neurological symptoms. This is more commonly seen in young, large or active dogs. It is commonly non-painful and will typically set in over several hours following strenuous activity such as Frisbee play. It too, should be treated immediately with electro-acupuncture.

Additional conditions treated.

  • IVDD or Intervertebral Disc Disease

  • FCE or Fibrocartilaginous Embolism

  • Cervical disc disease

  • Idiopathic seizure activity

  • Peripheral neuropathy

  • Wobblers

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